Board Members


Comprised of nineteen (19) people, Governing Board members are chosen in general elections or may be appointed to fill vacant seats. Elections are held in the first or second quarter of odd numbered years, spaced in two-year intervals. Elected board members serve a 2-year term. Appointed board members fill out the term of the vacated seat.

Board members are sworn representatives of the City of Los Angeles and must pass finance, ethics, and code of conduct certification training. Neighborhood Council board members are entrusted to represent North Westwood’s interests to the Mayor, City Council and all City government departments and agencies and are tasked by the City Charter with “assisting in the delivery of city services” and “bringing government closer to the people” by holding public meetings within neighborhood council official boundaries and hearing the public’s opinion on matters of concern.

Executive Officers

Josh Trifunovic

Andrew Lewis
Vice President

Kyle Schmidt

Nolan Gray

Board Members

Ernesto Arcieniga
Graduate Student Representative

Kevin Crummy
Business Representative

Erin Coutts
Renter Representative Representative

Vigneshwar Senthilkumar Renter Representative

Nuha Khalfay
General Resident Representative

Maikel Kohanhediud
Business Representative

Josh Trifunovic
Business Representative

Rachel Gonzalez
Worker Representative

Sachi Cooper
Undergraduate Representative

Wren Reynolds
University Staff Or Administrative Representative

Catherine Sarkisian
Faculty Representative

Peter Clinco
Organizational Representative

Evan Farrar
Organizational Stakeholder

John SIscho
At-Large Stakeholder

Eric Coestad
Organizational Stakeholder