Committees are one of the ways that a Neighborhood Council manages its many duties. There are board members in every committee, but committees can also have community members. Each committee serves a specialized purpose such as reviewing land use matters, conducting community outreach, or maintaining the website. They set their own agendas and decide when to meet, but they have limited autonomy; they cannot act or present views on behalf of the Neighborhood Council, and whatever conclusions they come to are sent to the full NWWNC board as a recommendation. The NWWNC board decides, at a board meeting, whether to act on those recommendations. The board has full power to create or disband committees as it deems necessary.

Committee List

Committee Membership

Budget and Finance Committee

Homelessness and Community Health Committee

Outreach and Communication Committee

Planning and Land Use Committee

Transportation and Safety Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

Olympics Committee

Bylaws Committee